What sets Cooper-Young apart from other communities is our neighbors. We walk to the beat of our own drum.

Since CY is a historic community, however, there are times when we can get offbeat from one another. Due to its historic status, beauty, and high visibility, residents are likely protective of CY. But sometimes when there is a residence that doesn’t reflect the CY we all know and love, neighbors resort to calling Shelby County Code Enforcement. This can result in fines for the alleged offender and, perhaps, more fines for other infractions code enforcement may spot while on your street. More lastingly, it may cause tension and division between neighbors.

Join us this month at the Cooper-Young Community Association’s general meeting as we attempt to navigate the best way to deal with such conflicts. Our special guest will be Cori Hill code inspector for the city of Memphis, who will be available to answer your questions about how to be a good neighbor while also holding others accountable. He will also give tips on how to make sure you don’t violate code and how to respect your neighbors by being a good home owner.

The meeting will November 13 at 6 p.m. at the CYCA offices at 2298 Young Ave. — Sheree Stubblefield

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