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What to do if you your pet goes missing.

What to do if you find a lost, injured or abandoned pet.

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Guidelines for Using Nextdoor
Nextdoor is a special social network just for our neighbors and local community. It’s an excellent place to post information about lost pets, garage sales, and neighborhood events or to find out about nearby resources. Just like other social media sites, you can have a personal profile and check out a running news feed of topics related to your interests; there’s even a messaging system if you have specific questions or want to send a personal message to someone that doesn’t need to go in the public forum. The best thing about this network is that we’re all neighbors, so it’s important to keep a few guidelines in mind:

  • Please be considerate and use language appropriate to a public forum. Don’t forget that everyone on Nextdoor isn’t just “some other person online”, they’re one of your neighbors. If we notice posts that use inappropriate language, we will delete them from the page.
  • We all get a little off topic sometimes, but it can be confusing when threads wander too far from the original post. If we see a conversation moving too far from its intended course, we’ll remind everyone to stay on topic. If the problem persists, we may close the thread for further comment.
  • Nextdoor is for neighbors, so we ask that you please update your address or deactivate your account within 3 months of moving. If you don’t get around to it in time, we’ll deactivate the account for you.
  • If you’d like to ask for funds for personal projects or needs—for example, funding a school trip or selling girl scout cookies—please only post once per month.

If you live in the neighborhood and own a business (or represent a business in the area), we have a few special guidelines just for you:

  • Nextdoor is all about connecting with neighbors, so sign up with a person’s name rather than the name of your business.
  • Please feel free to introduce yourself and your business when you join Nextdoor. If you’d like, you can even use your company logo as your profile picture.
  • It’s great to find out about local businesses, but try to limit posting promotional threads to no more than two times per month.
  • Please don’t self-promote mid-thread unless it is relevant to the conversation at hand.

We want Nextdoor to be a great resource for everyone, so our moderators will keep an eye out to ensure that these guidelines are followed. If necessary, we may flag or remove inappropriate comments or close threads in an effort to keep Nextdoor a welcoming, productive space for the entire community.

Safety Information

Cooper Young Community Association Hours

Problem Phone Website
Power Outages (901) 544-6500
Street Light Outage (901) 820-7878
Tree Trimming (901) 544-6549
Disaster Prep (901) 528-4465
Report Emergencies (901) 528-4465

Home Safety document downloads

Home Security Info

CYCA Safety Pack

Final Proposed Guidelines