Due: March 31, 2020

Open to 2020-2021 Juniors and Seniors 

The Cooper-Young Leaders Scholarship is provided by the Cooper-Young Community Association to encourage students to understand and participate in their local communities. Cooper-Young has a strong history of neighbors coming together to make their communities more viable and CYCA hopes both to invite students to participate these efforts and to inspire them to maintain strong community ties wherever their futures takes them.

The CYCA Leaders Scholarship is a $1000.00 scholarship that is awarded to an uprising Junior or Senior who has served for 1 year on the CYCA board and has fulfilled the requirements set forth by the Youth and Family Committee Board. For the purpose of these guidelines, a “year” is defined as starting in June and ending in May of the following calendar year. Each awardee will enter the program in May preceding their junior or senior year and serve with the CYCA until May of the following year. 

The CYCA is looking for one Youth Board Members to be held by one uprising junior or senior. In May, the outgoing senior will be awarded the $1000 scholarship.


Youth Board Members will be expected to fulfill the following duties:

  • Attend as many community and CYCA board events as possible, including monthly community meet-ups, annual events such as the CY Festival Friday 4-Miler, and monthly board meetings. The CYCA understands that youth board members may be unable to attend all events but ask that they do attend at least eight board meetings and eight community meet-ups per year. Hours spent at these meetings will count towards their overall volunteer hour total.
  • Serve on at least one committee of their choosing. In this role, they will be encouraged to act as leadership within their chosen committee and to except mentorship and direction from the committee chair. Special projects fitting within the guidelines of the chosen committee are also encouraged. Please see attached for available committees.
  • Volunteer at least 40 hours of time for each year of their service. 
  • Present a presentation of their experience as youth board members at the  end of their term in May. 


Preference for this award will be given to applicants living within the Cooper-Young neighborhood as bounded by Central to the north, Southern to the south, Mclean to the west, and E Parkway to the east. If no applicants within the Cooper-Young neighborhood qualify for this position, preference will be given to the most qualified applicant residing in neighboring neighborhoods (Glenview, Annesdale-Snowden, Rozelle-Annesdale, Orange Mound). 

Applicants must be a registered student at Central High School or Middle College High School and should hold at least a 3.5 GPA. However, exceptional applicants with lower GPAs may be considered at the discretion of the CYCA.

Applicants should be enthusiastic about serving and improving their communities. They should possess leadership qualities and self-motivation. Awardees will represent the Cooper-Young community and the Cooper-Young Community Association and should therefore demonstrate integrity and a professional approach to all public platforms including social media. 

Applicants will be considered as recommend by the teachers and counselors of Central High School and will ultimately be chose based on meeting the qualification and a personal interview with the Youth & Family Committee of the CYCA where applicant will be asked why he or she should be considered for this position. 

Applications will be due March 31, 2020 and the decision will be made by April 30 for June 2020 – May 2021 term. Funds will be dispersed upon completion of term.

CYCA Committees


  • Improve the visual character of the neighborhood and work to make CY a more sustainable and green community
  • Activities include tree plantings, neighborhood clean-ups, composting, and creating new spaces like a community orchard
  • Find ways to make walking and biking safer throughout Cooper-Young and to handle increasing parking needs
  • Work with residents and city government to solve transportation issues throughout the community
  • Share information and increase awareness about safety issues from disaster preparedness to what to do in the case of a medical emergency


  • Share information about community events and goings on with residents and nearby neighbors
  • Publication of the monthly newspaper The Lamplighter
  • Engage with residents and find new ways to encourage membership within the CYCA
  • Work with local businesses to offer discounts and events specifically for CYCA members
  • Encourage youth and families to participate in neighborhood events
  • Activities include family-friendly events for 4th of July and Halloween, finding ways to get more youth involvement with the CYCA

CY Festival Booth

  • Organize the informational booth for one of the most important events in the CY calendar

CY Festival Friday 4-Miler

  • Organize the main fundraiser for the CYCA: a 2500 person race through the streets of Cooper-Young


  • Oversee financial health and activities of the CYCA
  • Activities include day-to-day operations, oversight for project budgets, management of financial assets


  • Work with residents on home renovations
  • Activities include public meetings about the process, working with city council members to approve district, and (if and when district status is obtained) monitoring development within Cooper-Young and hearing permitting cases for new structures

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