Compiled by Sheree Stubblefield

Cooper-Young Christmas is almost here! The CY Festival is one of the most popular events of the year. With that comes fun but also crowds and heat. We reached out to some festival pros to ask them their best tips for getting through the day. Here’s how to survive the weekend and have a great time!

“Uber in and drink lots of beer. You’re gonna have a great time.” – Pat Primrose

“In the past few years, there has been a small trailer at Young and Blythe with delicious empanadas.” – Mark Morrison

“Stay hydrated and be mindful of overheating. Be nice to fellow attendees and park in a way that will allow other vehicles to find parking as well. Be nice to residents and don’t block driveway.” – Beni Mozhui

“Drink. Just don’t drink too much too fast. Pace yourself.” – Chris McHaney

“Help the vendors if bringing cash bring ones fives and tens. Everyone goes to the ATM and brings twenties. It is a scramble for change. Credit cards or debit cards are good but may cause a delay because the networks are jammed. Don’t block our drives even a little bit. This goes for vendors too. Many of us will let you use our drives to unload or load but need to be asked.” – Edward Greene

“Wear breathable, light clothes. Drink plenty of water or bring a water bottle because it gets so hot!” – Lizzy Huey

“I suggest going with an open mind and a patient spirit that loves the energy of diverse crowds of people all enjoying the same things! Great music, art, food, and who knows what you’ll find!! I would also add, not to expect cell service around 7pm. It’s the end of the festival and everyone is checking in.” – Darla Linerode-Henson

“Celtic Crossing should be open for breakfast. Come early to beat the heat, get a good base of food going and hydrate! Not cutting through people’s booth – use the aisles or at least ask before barging through. If you can bring smaller bills, that’s awesome and really helpful. Please keep your smokes in the aisles. Ash and the smell can do damage to our merchandise.” – Tatia Johnson

“Make sure to stop by the CYCA booth for official festival merchandise and to renew your CYCA membership! Oh and wear a hat and sunscreen.” – Liz Royer

Running the CY 4 Miler Friday night? Here is the race route! And don’t forget about Trestlefest, our happening after party!

If you live in the Cooper-Young neighborhood and want to know how to survive, we have created a special guide just for you!

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