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From our annual Festival Friday 4 Miler and Cooper-Young Beerfest to our fantastic holiday events, we love hanging out in the neighborhood.



Have a question about code enforcement? Need help with a lost pet? Check out these great resources to help you get the most out of Cooper-Young.

Cooper-Young Community Association

The Cooper-Young Community Association (CYCA) was created in March of 1977 and is a fully registered and recognized nonprofit 501(c)3. With an initial goal of mobilizing residents to stem the tide of decay that so many urban areas experienced, this organization has always functioned as a grassroots, volunteer effort. The CYCA has assisted with a number of projects including an early neighborhood watch, the installation and maintenance of the nationally-recognized Cooper Street Trestle Bridge, and the redevelopment of the communities’ eponymous corner at Cooper Street and Young Avenue. It also began publishing its monthly community newspaper, The Lamplighter, in the early 1990s; this publication continues today and is hand-delivered to each residence within the neighborhood. This organization currently maintains community office space within a redeveloping commercial area in the southeast quadrant of the neighborhood. It is financially supported through events including its annual Cooper-Young Festival Friday 4-Miler and Beerfest as well as membership dues and donations. While it continues to be a predominantly volunteer organization, it does employ a full-time executive director as well as a small part-time staff for The Lamplighter.

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Cooper-Young Beerfest
Oct 19 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Block Captain Potluck
Oct 23 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Please invite anyone you think would make a great block captain!

Thirsty Thursday
Oct 24 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Dear Readers: Tinfoil Butterfly
Oct 29 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Join the book club for a spooky Halloween read this month. Follow Emma as she ends up stranded in the Black Hills of South Dakota. As she tries to run away from her past, it catches up to her in a horrifying, menacing and bizarre way. You won’t want to put it down.

Safety and Self-Defense Seminar
Nov 12 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

Lamplighter News

What’s New with Jack? Volume II

By Jackson Danley Hey neighbors, I have been busy since my last update. Earlier this month, we hosted our annual 4th of July parade and it was a great time for all! Dozens of CY residents braved the heat at Peabody Elementary for all the festivities. Before the parade...

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Summer Break Blues?

By Sheree Stubblefield Summer break is a gift and a curse. It's a chance for you to spend time with the kids but it's also a chance to spend time with the kids. Know what I mean? To beat the summer break blues, we have scoured the internet for all the best summer day...

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5 Reasons Being a Block Captain Rocks

By Sheree Stubblefield This Thursday, we are hosting a Block Captain Mixer for all of our Cooper-Young neighbors who want to make this neighborhood even better! We know you're wondering, "Me? Do I have what it takes? Do I have the time? Do I have the skills?" Um, yes....

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Riding the Bus Isn’t so Scary After All

By Sheree Stubblefield Friday, May 10 I had the opportunity to take the bus in Memphis for the first time at the "Bus Bunch" event hosted by Commute Ops Memphis and the CYCA. Commute Ops is an advocate for alternative transportation options and we wanted to get in on...

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Principal For a Day

By Robert Hatfield On Thursday, May 2nd, I had the honor of participating in Shelby County Schools’ Principal for a Day representing the CYCA. Each Principal for a Day met their assigned school’s principal at Bellevue Baptist for a breakfast and introduction to the...

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CYCA Awards First Scholarship

By Sheree Stubblefield Cooper-Young Community Association is proud to announce the winner of its very first scholarship, Jackson Danley! Danley lives in the neighborhood and attends Central High School as a Junior. He boasts a 4.0 GPA and is an Eagle Scout. When asked...

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Your Spring Cleaning Guide From the Experts

By Sheree Stubblefield Spring cleaning season is upon us! To help Cooper-Young prepare, the Lamplighter interviewed Carla Worth and Mallory Elkins, owners of Aunt Keys Apothecary, a Midtown-based natural cleaning company. Aunt Keys officially began in 2013, although...

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Cooper-Young Recycle Bins to Find a New Home

By Sheree Stubblefield Approximately twenty years ago, the word “recycling” was added to the lexicon of the average American home. It was becoming “normal” rather than an extreme practice of the new-age,  “granola” community. Nowadays, some people are hyper-recylists...

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5 Reasons to Join Cooper-Young’s Hottest Book Club

By Mackenzie Campbell and Tiffany Calhoun Have you ever read a book so good that you can’t stop talking about it, but no one gets it because they haven’t read the book? What if there was a group out there to help with this very issue? Well, contain your excitement...

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4 Things to Know About the Memphis Aquifer

By Sarah Houston CAESER, University of Memphis Memphis sits atop a special underground water source – the world-famous Memphis aquifer.  Sometimes it’s called the Memphis Sand Aquifer, but “Memphis Sand” is the name of the geologic formation... “Memphis aquifer” is...

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Top 10 Chemical-Free Spring Cleaning Tips

By Carla Worth and Mallory Elkins Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Breaking it down into smaller portions will take the anxiety and chaos out of each chore. 1. Start from the top! Dust needs time to settle before you can sweep or vacuum it up....

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Green Ways to Cut the Clutter

By Stephanie Gonzalez You’re sniffling, it’s raining nonstop, the dogs are constantly tracking mud in from the backyard. It can mean only one thing: Spring is here! The season of renewal is a great time to pare down some of the clutter that’s gathered in your home...

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10 Reasons to Create an Urban Garden

By Kim Halyak Spring is around the corner which makes us think of flowers and sunshine. It's the perfect time to plant your garden and watch the flowers grow but living in the city with a smaller garden does not mean you are left out! For all the city dwellers out...

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Volunteers needed to string salty snacks

The Cooper-Young Community Association is looking for some volunteer help October 17 to prepare for the Cooper-Young Beerfest. Gather with other neighbors to help make pretzel necklaces for festival attendees to purchase during the fest. Volunteers will enjoy snacks,...

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Moulton novel focus of next book club

Dear Readers Book Club, the Cooper-Young neighborhood book club, will have their monthly gathering Tuesday, October 29 at 7 p.m. This month’s read is Tinfoil Butterfly by Rachel Eve Moulton. The protagonist, Emma, is a hitchhiker on the run from her traumatic past...

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CYCA says thanks with free yoga class

As a thank you to Cooper-Young Community Association members for their support, we would like to treat our membership to a free gentle yoga class October 12 at 1:30 p.m. at mind/body HAUS, located at 2163 Young Ave. This class is free for CYCA members. Those who are...

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Business partners have an unquenchable thirst for CY

Memphis Made Brewing Co. owners Andy Ashby (l) and Drew Barton. Cooper-Young Community Association wouldn’t be what it is without our neighbors. They volunteer. They own businesses. They contribute their ideas and their passion to the Cooper-Young community. Each...

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Dirty finger nails advisory: garden to-dos for October

By Bob Morrison Cooper-Young Garden Club The motto for October (and all other fall months) should be “do everything possible this fall rather than putting it off until spring”. This is especially true of all planting, for there are few things that may not be planted...

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