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Compost Demo Saturday, August 15th!

Did you know that the average American household throws out 20lbs of food each month and that yard trimmings and food waste account for 25% of all municipal solid waste? Composting food waste and yard trimmings can be an excellent way both to feed your garden AND to...

Volunteers Needed for CY Festival Week!

The Cooper-Young Festival is always a great event and we love welcoming everyone to the Festival and the Friday 4-Miler ever year. One of the best parts about these events is that we run them almost entirely with volunteers! This is a great way to meet your neighbors...

Recap of July Community Meeting

We began our July meeting at 6 pm with a little time for snacksand socializing before getting started with speakers at about 6:30. Special thanks go to Demetrius Boyland for preparing sandwiches for the evening! We were excited to start off with a visit from Reginald...

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