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First CYCA Safety Meeting of the Year!

On Wednesday, January, 21st, we will have our first safety meeting of 2015!!  On the agenda: Our newest safety awareness program, A Burglar’s Eye View, for which we received the city’s new Crime Prevention Awareness Grant! We will also be planning our...

First General Meeting of the Year!

On Tuesday, January 13th, we’ll be having our very first general meeting of the year! We’ll be talking about various projects throughout our community including updates on getting solar power for our trestle art on Cooper and painting the mural on...

Membership Mailer Stuffing Event

Do you love being a member of the CYCA and want to help spread the word about our organization? Then come to this year’s membership mailer stuffing event on Saturday, December 13th! This is a great way to get to know your neighbors and have a little Saturday...

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