Proposed Landmarks

In August of 2016, interested residents joined together to form the CY Landmarks Committee with the goal of pursuing landmarks designation for the neighborhood. Interest for this project first appeared through the CYCA’s 5 Year Plan where many discussed the need to safeguard Cooper-Young’s “funky” and historic homes. The landmarks designation is a city-level ordiance that applies neighborhood specific guidelines to area construction. These guidelines are set by the residents themselves with approval from the Memphis Landmarks Commission.
Currently, the CY Landmarks Committee is working to create these guidelines and to hear feedback from their neighbors. Once guidelines are drafted, residents will have a chance to record their support and move forward in the process. The CYCA is happy to facilitate this activity but we have no official position on adopting landmarks status. We are invested in providing all residents with easy access to the discussion. The committee is also looking for anyone interested in helping out; if you would like to join the committee, call or email the CYCA. For more information on this project, please check out the links below.

Proposed Landmarks FAQs

Final Proposed Guidelines

Final Proposed Guidelines up for vote August 24th to 30th

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