Cooper-Young Sidewalk Replacement Program

The Cooper-Young Community Association is pleased to announce a new sidewalk replacement funding initiative for our neighborhood. In late 2023, we received a grant of $8,250 from the Memphis City Council Community Grant program to aid homeowners in replacing their damaged sidewalks. The CYCA will use these funds to pay for 50% of the cost of sidewalk replacement. Funds will be awarded to homeowners on a first come, first serve basis until they are exhausted. We have secured the same concrete contractor who is licensed by the city and done these repairs for VECA’s sidewalk replacement program. Homeowners will submit payment of their half of replacement to the CYCA and when all payments have been received, the contractor will come and replace the sidewalks, with the CYCA using the city funds to pay the other half. 

Homeowners can calculate the cost of replacing their sidewalks as follows. All sidewalks are 5’ wide according to city code; homeowners will need to measure the length of their sidewalk, and the contractor will charge $8 per square foot for replacement. 

Ex: 5’ x 35’ = 175 sq ft; 175 x $8 = $1,400 total cost of sidewalk replacement

$1,400/2 = $700 cost for homeowner. Remaining balance will be paid by City Council funds managed by the CYCA

The CYCA expects these funds to be exhausted but will apply for subsequent rounds of funding from City Council. A sign-up for the program will be published online and featured on the CYCA’s social media.

Questions? Feel free to email