By Mackenzie Campbell and Tiffany Calhoun

Have you ever read a book so good that you can’t stop talking about it, but no one gets it because they haven’t read the book? What if there was a group out there to help with this very issue? Well, contain your excitement because there is!

It’s called Dear Readers and they meet in your neighborhood! Joining a book club will expand your vocabulary, broaden your horizons, & make you a better person. Need even more reasons to join? Keep reading!

  1. Make yourself read books outside of your comfort zone & stretch your brain. We alternate between fiction & nonfiction each month & try to pick fairly new books so you haven’t already read them.
  2. Meet your new friends. Show up a few minutes early to chat with others & enjoy a FREE glass of boxed wine or an ice cold fizzy water.
  3. Find a partner! You’re not going to meet this quality of potential life companion at a bar.
  4. Do a social thing that doesn’t involve a cover charge, shouting so that other people can hear you talk, or staying up past your bed time.
  5. Bask in the post-book-club-meeting glow of having participated in the magic that is a group of people in your community (who don’t all know each other!) getting together to have thoughtful conversation around a shared reading experience.

Everyone is welcome at Dear Readers. You can get your copy of this month’s book, There There by Tommy Orange from the library,
ebook, audiobook or if you want to keep it local, grab an analog copy from Burke’s!

Kenzie and Tiffany meet with other book lovers once a month to discuss their book club pic. If you have any questions, email and

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