The Playback Memphis 2017 holiday card, featuring art by Pam McDonnell.

By Jeff Hulett

A painting by well-known local artist Pam McDonnell will be featured on this year’s holiday fundraiser card from Playback Memphis.

Titled “Reach,” this piece is a mandala painting. A mandala uses abstract design that usually takes the shape of a circle. This mandala uses an image of cast members reaching out to the audience, which is a great metaphor for what Playback does for our community.

“I believe in healing, and Playback provides healing to a wide range of audiences and groups who have been wounded,” says McDonnell. “Through storytelling and deep listening, Playback teaches us how to be vulnerable, open up, and feel ourselves again

Playback Memphis operates out of First Congo in the Cooper Young Neighborhood and focuses on bringing stories to life and life to communities through the vehicle of improvisational theatre. If you haven’t been to one of their Memphis Matter’s performances, there are two coming up on December 1st and 2nd at Theatre South in First Congo.

Playback Memphis cards can be sent in honor or memory of loved ones, friends, clients or even co-workers. Those honored will receive a personalized, hand-inscribed holiday card acknowledging the gift. A tax-deductible minimum gift of $10 per card is suggested. McDonnell, a staple in the creative community in Memphis, earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Memphis in 2005.

“Our holiday card program is a great way to support Playback Memphis while honoring those you love,” said Playback Memphis Director Virginia Murphy.

For more information on the Playback Memphis holiday card program or their upcoming Memphis Matter’s performances, please visit or call 901-264- 0841.