For more than a quarter of a century, a few dedicated people have put forth great efforts to produce the Cooper-Young LampLighter for our residents and visitors 11 months a year. I have to admit that it is my absolute favorite thing about our neighborhood and something that I wanted to be involved with from the moment I first joined the CYCA Board.

Once again I am asking for a few good souls that are blessed with the means to consider showing their support for our struggling LampLighter. By making a one-time donation of $60 or more or a monthly donation of $5 or more, one can be LampLighter Benefactor and be listed as such in every issue. We have already gotten commitments from some of the existing LampLighter Benefactors to continue their support, and I hope that others decide to continue also. There’s always room for more!

If you would like to become a LampLighter Benefactor or are choosing to continue to be one, you can go to and click on the LampLighter Benefactor link under Membership & Gifts.