Compiled by Sheree Stubblefield

Cooper-Young Christmas is next weekend on September 13 and 14! Every year thousands of people descend on our neighborhood for all the fun. This year this weekend will also host the Southern Heritage football game. That means there will be even more visitors to our neighborhood.

To assist you with the melee, we reached out to neighbors to ask them what their best tips are for safety, parking and most importantly, partying. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced Cooper-Younger these tips are for everyone.

“I HAVE to put cones in front of my driveway to keep from being blocked in.” – Heather Austin

“Park vehicles on street before run, move them to driveway after street is closed, for unobstructed view of run.” – Robert Rowling

“If you are on Friday pm’s race route, you won’t be able to drive to or from your house during that time. Park around a corner if you need to use your car.” – Jessie Hernandez

“Put out your trash and/or recycle cans Friday and Saturday so people can have a place to throw trash instead of on the ground when they are walking to their car.” – Debbie Sowell

“Party at home! Invite people over to hang at your place since the streets will be packed.” – Josh Anderson

“I like to go as early as possible to hit up the booths. You miss the big crowd, get first dibs on the best stuff, and beat the heat. I plan the rest of my day around the band schedule. I’ll wander up to see the bands I like, but use my house or a friend’s house as home base to cool off and not get too overwhelmed. And whatever you do, leave the car at home. Lyft, bike or walk. – Stephanie Gonazalez

“If you park your car correctly (using front of the space) and then move it into your driveway, the next car won’t park incorrectly. I pull deep into carport and invite a friend to use my driveway.” – Dan Spector

Any supplies you might need, shop a day or two, before and if you have a bike, use that to get around or break out your favorite walking shoes.” – Nick Canterruci

“Best Party for the 4-miler will be on Nelson, just east of Cooper! Come over Friday the 13th and cheer the runners on with us!” – Neely James

The race starts Friday, September 13 at 7pm so we recommend you be home by 6:30 at the latest before the streets are blocked off. If you are parked in the business district, cars must be off the street by 4:00am Saturday, September 14 for the Festival.

If you don’t live in Cooper-Young and are visiting the festival, check out our survival guide just for you!

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