October 3 is election day in Memphis, with the seats of city mayor and the entire city council up for grabs as well as municipal judgeships and the city court clerk. There is also a referendum on a .5% sales tax increase that would be used to restore health care benefits to fire and police employees.

Below we’ve gathered the races and candidates that Cooper-Young residents will see on their ballots. Incumbents, where there is one, are signified with a (I) after their name. Most of Cooper-Young falls in district 4 and super district 8 except for a small sliver of the neighborhood on the north side that falls within district 5 and super district 9. To see which districts you fall in and for more information, including where to vote, consult you voter registration card or visit shelbyvote.com.

Mayor: Leo AwGoWhat, Terrence T. B Boyce, Steven Bradley, Willie Herenton, Robert (Prince Mongo) Hodges, DeAngelo Pegues, Tami Sawyer, Jim Strickland (I), David Walker, Sharon A. Webb, Lemichael D. Wilson 

City Council District 4: Jamita E. Swearengen (I), Britney Thornton

City Council District 5: Worth Morgan (I), John Marek

City Council Super District 8, Position 1: Latroy Alexandria-Williams, Nicole Cleaborn, Gerre Currie, Darrick Dee Harris, JB Smiley Jr., Pearl “Eva” Walker 

City Council Super District 8, Position 2: Marinda Alexandria-Williams, Cheyenne Johnson (I), Frank William Johnson, Craig Littles, Brian L. Saulsberry

City Council Super District 8, Position 3: Cat Allen, R.S. Ford Sr., Martavius D. Jones (I), Gerald Kiner, Pam Lee, Lynnette P. Williams

City Council Super District 9, Position 1: Chase Carlisle, Erika Sugarmon

City Council Super District 9, Position 2: Mauricio Calvo, Ford Canale (I), Deanielle Jones 

City Council Super District 9, Position 3: Charley Burch, Cody Fletcher, Tyrone Romeo Franklin, Jeff Warren

City Court Clerk: Joe Brown, Delicia DeGraffreed, De Givens, Carl A. Irons II, Myron Lowery, Lea Ester Redmond, William Stovall, George “Dempsy” Summers, David W Vinciarelli 1

Municipal Judge Division 1: LaTrena Davis-Ingram, Teresa D. Jones

Municipal Judge Division 2: Tarik B. Sugarmon

Municipal Judge Division 3: Jayne Chandler (I), David L. Pool

Referendum – Local Option Sales Tax: Shall the ordinance to increase the sales and use tax in the City of Memphis by 0.5%, from 2.25% to 2.75% become operative? 

The proceeds of this 0.5% tax increase shall first be used to restore and maintain the health care benefits for Public Safety employees (employees and pre-65 retirees of the Memphis Police Services and Fire Services Divisions) to the levels in effect as of July 1, 2014, and to restore and maintain the pension benefits of said employees hired prior to July 1, 2016 to the levels specified in the 1978 City of Memphis Pension Plan. Any remaining proceeds shall be used for street maintenance and/or pre-kindergarten education. All funds must be spent for the purposes designated above. These funds are to be used in addition to, and may not be used to replace or supplant, any current funding for the above purposes. Such tax shall be collected by the Tennessee Department of Revenue. A lawsuit for recovery of any tax illegally assessed or collected shall be brought against the City Treasurer of the City of Memphis.

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