By Suzanne Abedi

We’ve all been there. At times we all need a little help. Sometimes we are blessed enough to receive help from a friend or loved one, other times we struggle through, and sometimes we find ourselves in a fortunate enough position to help others. 

Earlier this year, the Cooper-Young Community Association board decided to place itself more firmly in that last position. At any given time throughout the year, you will find the dedicated board members of the CYCA spending much of their free time volunteering in the community. Whether it’s gardening, promoting sustainable living, or bringing family and friends together, each board member dedicates themselves to bringing their passion to the community in order to make Cooper-Young a better place to live, work, worship, and play. Even if that means reaching into their own pocket, they are always asking how they can help Cooper-Young thrive.

Currently, each CYCA board member gives a yearly financial contribution to the association. It was recently decided that going forward those funds will be earmarked for a new benevolence fund, which will go directly to the residents of the Cooper-Young community who may be in need of financial assistance due to unavoidable circumstances. Those eligible to receive help from the benevolence fund are residents of the Cooper-Young Community bounded by Central to the north, Southern to the south, McLean to the west, and East Parkway to the east. As a resident of the Cooper-Young community, you can nominate yourself or someone in need (who must also live in Cooper-Young) to receive financial help. We will also accept donations from the community that can be earmarked for the benevolence fund. 

If you are in need or if you know a Cooper-Young resident who may need financial assistance please go to or contact our office at (901) 272-2922. If you would like to make a donation, please email or give us a call.

In our community, we look forward to being there for one another in times of need, because Cooper-Young is more than a neighborhood, it’s the family we choose.

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