By Kim Halyak

The Cooper-Young Garden Club, along with CY’s awesome neighbors, are planning to give some love and tender loving care to Bruce Street, one of the gateway streets into our vibrant neighborhood. Because Bruce Street backs up to commercial properties, residents have the unenviable view of a car wash, a dollar store parking lot, and a gas station. While the rest of us dutifully rake our leaves and deal with minor trash, Bruce residents must also contend with large overhanging trees dropping massive leaf debris and branches, falling fences, and blocked sewer drains. A few residents try to keep the street clean, but it’s a never-ending job. Sometimes, it takes a major cleaning to get a clean slate. 

The Cooper-Young Garden Club plans to hire a professional tree trimer to prune back the large overhanging branches on the fence side. Homeowners needing tree trimming can contract with our tree trimer to get their trees done.

We hope to plant native shrubs along the fence for color and beauty. Other ideas include: raking all the leaves and dropping them off at the Compost Fairy, cleaning up the trash, and adding flowers to the small flower bed near the former Chef Tam’s.

We hope to do this project this in March on a Saturday. Come work a few hours, raking leaves, planting shrubs, or weeding the flower bed. Let’s make it a party atmosphere and bring the spring back into Bruce. More details to follow on Nextdoor. 

And you won’t want to miss the Cooper-Young Garden Club’s March meeting. Garden designer Ann Riodan will show us how to create individual rooms within our gardens to make a functional, beautiful space that everyone will enjoy. The meeting will be at 6 p.m. March 18 at Palladio Garden, 2231 Central. Members get in free, nonmembers $5.

Want to know what else the garden club has planned?  Check out our 2020 schedule and come join the fun.

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