By Stephanie Gonzalez

The Cooper-Young Community Association is a 501(c)3 made up of volunteers who aim to help connect neighbors with each other and with the resources they need to make Cooper-Young a better place to live, work, and play. 

We know speeding and cut-through traffic is a growing concern on residential streets as the neighborhood grows. To report a stop sign with limited visibility or to request one, contact 311 or 901-528-2937. For speeding abatement, the City of Memphis is the entity that will determine if the street warrants a speed bump, but we, as citizens, must request that a study be made. Here are the steps you can take to request a traffic study for the installation of speed bumps on your street, according to the City of Memphis.

  1. Make a request to 311 via the app, phone (just dial 311) or online by visiting and providing the following information:



Phone number

Email address

Street segment to be considered (e.g. Young Ave. between S. Barksdale St. and Cooper St.)

  1. The City will contact you by email or mail and confirm that they received your request. Anonymous requests cannot be processed and will be closed, so make sure you provide your information! 
  2. The City will do a study to see if the requested area meets the conditions for a speed bump — speeding on the street (at least 85% of cars must be shown to exceed the street’s speed limit) and volume (between 300 and 7,000 cars per day). However, it’s worth noting that special variances can be granted if there have been three or more crashes per year for three years, if the street is near a school or a park, or if there is often excessive speeding. 

You can always email to request that the CYCA executive director submit a request. However, like with most things, the more we all chip in and ask, hopefully the faster it will happen. 

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