CYCA board president Mark Morrison

As you might have seen in my letter last month, Amanda Yarbro-Dill left the Cooper-Young Community Association in September to pursue another career opportunity. While we hated to see Amanda go, we are pleased to announce that we have hired Sarah LaReau to serve as our office manager. 

Sarah is originally from Portland, Oregon, and has an associate degree in graphic design. She has lived in Memphis for years and has worked in photography, digital design, and creative strategy, both as a freelancer and for local companies such as Archer Malmo. Most recently, she has worked for the past two years as the digital manager for CY’s own Goner Records. 

As we did with Amanda, Sarah will be working with Sheree Stubblefield, both in a part-time capacity, to serve as the co-leads at the CYCA. As you come into the office or attend our upcoming events, please make sure that you introduce yourself to Sarah and get to know her. — Mark Morrison

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