Mark Morrison

As I discussed last month, the Cooper-Young Community Association has seen quite a few changes over the past year or more, and there are more to come. First, Amanda Yarbro-Dill is now back and now serving as our full-time executive director. During the staff changes, we ask that you please be patient with us if you have recently left a voicemail or you are waiting on your membership card. I am confident that Amanda will get us back up to speed quickly.

Another recent change is the departure of Cheryl Bledsoe from the board after serving for a little over 5 years. Cheryl chose to leave because she has taken on more responsibility in her already busy day job as well as other obligations. Among other endeavors, Cheryl was responsible for starting “Thirsty Thursday” as well as the “A Place at the Table” collaboration with the Glenview community. While she will be missed on the board, Cheryl is remaining in CY, and we’ll still be seeing her at events and in our bars and restaurants.

Finally, CYCA elections are coming up again in April with the offices of president and treasurer up for election this year. As a result, I will be ending my tenure as president at that time, and someone new will be writing these letters in each issue. Please keep your eye on our various media channels for more information on the nominees and voting. — Mark Morrison

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