CYCA president Mark Morrison

Do you know who produces this paper? How it gets to your doorstep? Do you enjoy reading the Lamplighter? Do you patronize our advertisers and thank them for their support? Did you know it has been published since 1989?

The Cooper-Young Community Association (CYCA) is interested in your input on the value of the Lamplighter to Cooper-Young, because it has become a drain on the resources of the organization. Over the past 10 years, it has cost a little over $29,000 per year, on average, to produce and distribute the paper. In some past years, revenue from advertisers and Lamplighter Benefactors meant that the CYCA subsidized the paper by relatively small amounts. However, there have been other years when the CYCA spent thousands of dollars to keep the paper going. Some suggestions for cutting expenses include going to publishing online only, or cutting the frequency to quarterly, for example. 

What would such changes mean to you? Please let us know by emailing your thoughts to — Mark Morrison

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