March and April are looking like big months for Cooper-Young and the Cooper-Young Community Association. As detailed by Stephanie Gonzalez in this issue of the Lamplighter, our application for the Cooper-Young Historic Overlay will be considered by the city council on March 6. This is the last hurdle for this one-and-a-half-year effort; if the City Council approves the application, the overlay and the associated guidelines should go into effect two weeks later. Please email the council and the Office of Planning & Development to make sure your voice is heard on this issue.

Speaking of making your voice heard, the annual election for officers of the CYCA will be held in April. This year, the positions of president and treasurer are up for election. Do you know someone in Cooper-Young that you would like to nominate? Would you like to throw your hat in the ring? Again, Stephanie has details on this issue. Regardless, we need your vote if you are a member of the CYCA. — Mark Morrison, CYCA President