Mike Ham

Cooper-Young Community Association wouldn’t be what it is without our neighbors. They volunteer. They own businesses. They contribute their ideas and their passion to the Cooper-Young community. Each month, we will highlight a Member of the Month who gives back and embodies the spirit of our hip, historic community. 

The MOTM for September is Mike Ham. He has been a volunteer for the Cooper-Young 4 Miler for the past 15 years. He tells us why he loves the race, what he loves most about CY, and what to do if you If you would like to be involved in what makes CYCA great or recommend a Member of the Month, email info@cooperyoung.org. — Sheree Stubblefield

How long have you lived in Cooper-Young?

We bought a great house on Evelyn (2100 block) back in 2002. We’re on Harbert now on the same block 

What is your favorite thing about CY?

The sense of a cohesive community comprised of people that are diverse and engaged.

Why do you like volunteering in CY?

I like volunteering in CY because it’s a way to reconnect with people in the community that you otherwise might not see.

What is your favorite CY event of the year and why?

My favorite event is easily the 4-Miler. It takes a huge cast of folks to come together and put that event on. It’s wonderful to invite so many people into the neighborhood for the run and party. It’s also a fun way to kick off the festival weekend

What do you have coming up with your free time? 

I’ve been working on the 4-Miler since 2004. Back then we had a few hundred runners, and we hand timed them. The run has a huge impact on the CYCA as a source of funding, and that’s why I think it’s so important. With the money that we raise we’re able to do so many other things like the trestle art and funding staff in the CYCA office. I think the CYCA is one of the most dynamic and impactful community associations in this city that has a strong sense of advocacy for its residents. It works well and I want to see it continue its mission “to form an association of residents and interested parties to work together to make our diverse and historic community a more desirable and safer place to live, worship, work, and play.”

Where can we find you on a Friday or Saturday night in CY?

These days our kids have a large influence on our social calendar. We’re likely to walk to Aldo’s, Soul Fish, Mulan, or the Deli any weekend.

Tell us a good CY story.

My car sank on Evelyn once. Not sure that’s a good story, but it was weird. We were a low spot in the street and we had a huge rain that March and when I looked out the front window my car was submerged up to the windshield. A guy showed up the next day to tow it off, and when they lifted the front end water just started pouring out like someone had tipped a full cup over. My wife couldn’t stop giggling it was so ridiculous. 

What do you want to see happen in CY in the future?

Keep on keepin’ on. 

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