By Sheree Stubblefield

Taylor Sherbine

Cooper-Young Community Association wouldn’t be what it is without our neighbors. They volunteer. They own businesses. They contribute their ideas and their passion to the Cooper-Young community. Each month, we will highlight a Member of the Month who gives back and embodies the spirit of our hip, historic community. 

We have a special guest this month: Taylor Sherbine, community manager at Epicenter, talks to us about working and living in CY and why she doesn’t want to leave. If you would like to be involved in what makes CYCA great, email

How long have you lived in Cooper-Young?

I technically live in Lenox but my heart is in Cooper-Young and I’m only two streets outside of the limit. I moved into the cutest duplex two years ago, and I’m excited to say that I don’t have plans to leave anytime soon.

What is your favorite thing about CY?

I don’t think it’s possible to only have one favorite thing about CY. What first attracted me to live here is the vibrancy, density, and walkability of the neighborhood. I love that I can walk down the street, say “hi” to a neighbor, grab a bite to eat or drink, and get some shopping done.

Why do you like working in CY?

I really want to thank our leadership team at Epicenter for recognizing the value in moving our organization to CY. Our offices are in the old Walsh Furniture building. It’s also been home to Literacy Mid-South and Cowork Memphis. So, there is a lot of history and character in this building and community that we might not get somewhere else. 

The Cooper Young Business Association did a really fantastic job of welcoming us into the local business community. Tamara has been really supportive of our work and I really appreciate everything she does to highlight Cooper-Young. 

Tell us more about Epicenter.

Epicenter strategically connects and expands the network of support for all entrepreneurs in the Memphis region. We pilot bold, new solutions and collaborate with partners to ensure entrepreneurs have access to the resources they need to launch and thrive locally, Mmore information about Epicenter is at One such resource is the coworking space on Cooper Street. When we relocated here in 2017, we wanted to preserve this building as space that fosters collaboration among like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals. Startups need access to various resources fast and affordably, so coworking spaces are ideal for entrepreneurs looking for a professional workspace without the high upfront costs and long-term commitment. Apart from this, coworking spaces are ideal for positive social interaction, networking, and gaining new business. In fact, we’re very excited to share our space for the CYCA General Meeting on March 12! 

What is your favorite CY event of the year and why?

Can I say Cooper-Young Fest? I mean, how can anything top that? I really love buying from small businesses and this is the event if you want to support your local entrepreneur. Plus, it’s a great feeling when you see crowds of people choosing to spend their time and dollars investing in our neighborhood. 

Where can we find you on a Friday or Saturday night in CY? 

You can catch me at Railgarten and Young Ave Deli when the weather is nicer. In the winter, I really love going to DKDC to escape the cold and discover a new band.

Do you have a good CY story?

I’ve heard some hilarious stories about someone named Bill who used to live/work in our building a few decades ago. I don’t think they can go to print, but if you stop by for a tour I would be happy to share!

What do you want to see happen in CY in the future?

There are some commercial buildings that I pass every day, and for at least two years they have remained vacant. I want to see CY attract diverse entrepreneurs to fill these spaces, which would add to the vibrancy of this neighborhood. I also want to see more involvement by young professionals and renters in our business and community events. 

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