We moved to Cooper Young in 2020, during the pandemic with a toddler, and it wasn’t for the faint of heart. Admittedly I wasn’t looking forward to moving to Memphis at all, but after living here for approximately 1 year, I’m so glad we did. 

As most do, we began looking for realtors and browsing houses online once we knew we were moving (which happened to be a few months before the initial quarantine started). Little did we know that looking at homes via images was the only way we would be doing house hunting; for a visual person this was maddening. Fortunately, our realtor could tell it was frustrating for me, she purchased a 360 camera & that was a game changer – I was grateful for that. I was able to take the tours and look around at my own pace after she’d left the houses. We never actually saw the house we purchased in person until the inspection. 

With the pandemic, it did force us to feel rushed to find a contractor and do some other home projects we weren’t planning on. It also made it that much harder to find people to work on the house because other homeowners were doing the same thing. We wound up choosing a contractor who did shoddy work and ultimately never finished the job and stole our money. While going through this process we heard other stories similar to ours; it was definitely a learning experience for future home projects.

At some point our house was converted into a duplex from a single family home & from the 360 views, I was able to draw up plans for a floor plan that flowed better from room to room. Some rooms I left the same, like one of the bathrooms.  I loved discovering features of our 1912 home that’d been covered up; the walls we’d planned to take down were not original, the doors we planned to add were already there once we removed the plaster, the marble floor in the bathroom turned laundry room was hiding under basic neutral tile. Calling Cooper Young home makes us smile and we’re happy to call you our neighbors.

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