The CYCA November general meeting featured visits from both Brian Bacchus, principal planner for Memphis Landmarks, and Cori Hill from Shelby County Code Enforcement, to discuss the intricacies of Cooper-Young’s new landmarks status. They were invited to talk with community members about their concerns and answer questions.

Upon arrival, neighbors were treated to pizza from Little Italy and refreshments.

Brian Bacchus was the first to present. He gave out handouts so that attendees were aware of the 2019 Planning and Development Application deadline. The last 2018 deadline is December 27. He also gave out applications for Certificate of Appropriateness. These documents are also available online. He covered Land Use Control board, when to reach out to Landmarks (for major exterior changes), and how to get in touch with him. He encouraged residents to come in and talk to him before filling out or filing any paperwork so they can determine the best course of action together. To get in touch with Mr. Bacchus, email

Cori Hill was up next to talk to about code and how to be good neighbors. At the moment, Shelby County Code has 37 inspectors. He discussed that they are training additional staff so they can cover more territory with a second shift and respond in a timelier manner. He also discussed a growing problem the department is seeing, absentee home owners. They need your help in reporting blight and neglect from these offenders.

Hill assured everyone that they check out every call and to make sure you are reporting a true violation to assist with the overwhelming number of calls the get. To be neighborly while dealing with code violations, he suggested communication first before reporting on neighbors because sometimes people don’t know they are violating code. Furthermore, when they respond to a call, they will check the whole street for violations while they are there. He also reminded everyone that sidewalks are homeowners’ responsibility.

“The missing piece is to educate and engage before we enforce,” he said.

To reach Mr. Hill, email him at

General meetings are held the second Tuesday of most months at 6 p.m. — Sheree Stubblefield

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