Environmental Sustainability

Compost Fairy

This environmentally-minded program accepts food scraps from community members and gives them to a nearby farmer for composting. So far, volunteers have taken in over 600 lbs of compostable material since July 2016. Not only is this helping Cooper-Young become a more sustainable neighborhood, this project is also the brain child of several of our 5 Year Plan participants. Compost Fairy Facebook

Community recycling bins and trash cans

In 2013, the CYCA received a Give365 grant to place thirteen trashcans along popular community walkways including the business district along Cooper and Young and near Peabody Elementary. These trashcans are monitored by businesses and volunteers throughout the year.

We were excited to add to this project and encourage a more sustainable community in 2016 with the addition of three recycling bins located along Cooper. These bins were partially supported with a generous donation from the Working Law Firm. You can find them at the corner of Cooper and Young, the Fresh Market parking lot, and right next to the bike rack at Memphis Made Brewing Company. We’ve had such a great response with these bins that we need more volunteers to help maintain them! If you would like to get involved, contact us by phone or email and we’ll get you set up.