Kristen Schebler by Brandon Dill

First, I want to say to each and every community member here in Cooper-Young that it has been an absolute pleasure to serve you as executive director of the Cooper-Young Community Association. We have an incredible community full of dedicated, eclectic, and just plain fun people, and it has been my honor to get to know and work with so many of you. From the Garden Club to the Compost Fairy, from the CY Neighborhood Watch to the CYCA Board and every person who has ever walked through my office door, I have seen so much passion for this neighborhood. I truly hope that you all have enjoyed working with me as much as I have enjoyed working with and learning from you. With such amazing people active throughout Cooper-Young I know that this neighborhood will have an ever-brighter future.

Now, as you may have gleaned from my first paragraph, it is time that I say goodbye as your executive director effective November 2nd. Stephanie Gonzalez, ad manager for the Lamplighter and a big part of the team behind the recent Cooper-Young Beer Fest, has been hired as the new executive director

I will be leaving the CYCA to pursue a new opportunity in a local business. While I am excited to learn new things and meet new people, I am very sorry to step away from so many of our neighborhood events and projects. I know that we have much to do as a community, and I hope to transition from dedicated employee to helpful volunteer as much as possible. I look forward to seeing what exciting new directions the CYCA will take with a new director. Thank you all once again for a wonderful few years, and I’ll see you around the neighborhood!  — Kristen Schebler